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The Perfect Christmas Tree

Don’t leave it to the last 2 weeks before Christmas to buy your real tree. Buying your tree earlier ensures that you get top pick on sizes and quality and gives your tree plenty of time to adapt to its new environment.

No matter how expensive your baubles are, a handsome tree is the canvas for a perfect Christmas tree. Make sure it looks bushy and the branches are evenly spread all the way to the top.

Real and potted trees will bring a traditional touch and give out a wonderful smell. Artificial trees are incredibly convenient, but it is important to take time to open up all the branches carefully, to give that realistic look. Aim to spend at least 40 minutes getting your artificial tree set up.

For an unconventional look, choose a pre-lit twig tree.

Bringing the real tree home

Take your tree outside and cut the netting. Make a straight cut of about an inch from the bottom and soak in water for at least 48 hours to allow the branches open up naturally.

You can keep the tree in the garden for as loon as you like until you are ready to bring it in.

Once at home place your tree in water as soon as possible. Find a tree stand that fits the trunk to avoid any wobbles.

As a rule of thumb, your tree should sit in at least 2 inches / 50mm of water. Use a stick with a mark on it to determine the level of the water and top up as needed.

Keeping your tree watered will maintain its freshness and avoid needle loss problems.

Keep your tree away from sources of heat such as radiators and open fires. A cool conservatory is an ideal place for your tree.

How many lights?

Measure how tall your tree is. As a loose rule, use about 50 bulbs per foot. Always start from the top when you place your lights. Make sure you take your time for this step to ensure you get it right.

New generation LEDs now come fitted with multi functions and timers integrated. They can be a popular choice as they produce no heat, they are fireproof and the bulbs last for years. They tend to be more expensive, but are completely safe to use on a tree.

When it comes to Christmas lights do take into account your colour scheme and theme before choosing your lights. Small bulbs in warm white fit better with a traditional theme, whilst bigger bulbs in cooler shades feel more sophisticated and add fun to any scheme.

Don’t forget to always test the lights before you place them on the tree!!


Garlands and tinsel add texture to a tree. Place these after the lights but before the baubles and decorations.

And to top it all up…

It may seem unusual to start with the top of the tree, but really, do you want to lean over your decorated tree to put the star on the top? Some of the most popular choices include stars, fairies, birds, angels, bows and snowflakes.

Baubles and decorations

Now for the fun bit. Choosing a colour scheme will make your decorations stand out and work cohesively. You may want to take into consideration your room colour scheme too. If you have children, bright colours will add in some fun.

Classic colour schemes are reds and greens with accents of silver and gold.

Wintry colours like blues, pinks, silver and purples add a touch of sophistication. Avoid mixing these with any golds and reds.

Whilst Christmas is a traditional celebration it should also be fun. Don’t be too restricted by the type of decorations you use on your tree. Mix baubles with ribbons, crackers, rustic jute, wood feathers and toys. Remember to stick to just 1 or two colours, experiment with different texture and matt and shiny finishes to add some interest.

Categorise your baubles

If you have accumulated a number of different style decorations, it is a good idea to get organised and classify your baubles by colours, size and style. Use clear stackable boxes so that you can quickly access the preferred colours with ease.

Prior to decorating your tree, make piles of similar colour/size baubles to ensure you place them evenly on the tree.

Avoid bulky or expensive ornaments at the bottom of the tree if you have pets or young children.

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