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7 Travel essentials you ALMOST forgot to pack

Half term is here! Whether you are going all inclusive, camping or on a total luxury holiday, here are 7 things you wish you had packed!

1. Ear plugs

If you are planning on giving yourself the best sleeping chance on an long haul flight, with flight attendants asking if you want more coffee and crying babies, ear plugs are an essential. Also if you are off to the beach or swimming pool, an ear infection can ruin your holiday. These little helpers cost next to nothing and can make all the difference. (Pack of 5 ear plugs £1.99)

2. Extra reading glasses

Loosing or damaging your reading glasses can be a nightmare on holiday. Always carry an extra pair of reading glasses in your luggage and another one in your hand luggage in case there are problems with baggage claim on the other side. If you wear prescription glasses make sure you take a glass repair kit with you. Also take a photo of your prescription in case you do need to purchase another pair whilst on holiday (Pack of 3 reading glasses £4.95)

3. Electric travel adapter

This one doesn't need an introduction. You may also want to consider usb adaptors to minimise on the amount of chargers you take on holiday.(UK to Europe travel adaptor £2.49)

4. Torch

How many times have you arrived at your holiday accommodation in the middle of the night? Admittedly, mobile phones now double up as torches. However, these key ring torches are incredibly versatile for camping holidays, walking back in the dark or attending a child in the middle of the night (available in green, blue, red and orange £1.95).

5. First aid kit

Don't ever, EVER, travel without a basic first aid kit. Be sure to add some pain killers and some natural eye drops (for when the kids decide to bath their eyes in sand!!). (24 piece first aid kit £1.20)

6. Anti bacterial wipes

A bit of an odd one, but antibacterial wipes are indispensable when travelling to hot countries and have 100's of uses from cleaning a child's high chair to freshening up the loo in a holiday home or cleaning dirty trainers.

7. Hi Vis vest

If you are driving through Europe, don't forget to bring along a high visibility vest (one per passenger). It is the law to cary these in the passenger compartment of your vehicle in case of a break down. Failure to comply could result in a hefty fine!.

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