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Mold Remidiation
Interior Paint
Ronseal paints

Interior Emulsion & Wood Paint



We stock the leading market brands of indoor emulsion and wood paints, whether you want to finish a DIY job or you work in the trade.


Click here for a colour guide of Crown matt emulsion paints.




Exterior Paint

Masonry & Exterior Wood and Metal Paint



High-performance paints and varnishes to stand all types of weather conditions.  We also stock rust neutralisers, high heat paint, radiator paint and varnishes.





Problem Solving Paints



An old water stain, condensation and mould... no need to panic with a wide range of problem-solving paints for all your DIY needs, including sealants and stain blocks to stop stains from coming through your paintwork.





Heat Resistant Paints



Paints that are specially formulated to withstand very high temperatures.  Ideal for fire surrounds, stoves, bbq's, pipework and anywhere where high-temperature resistance is required.


We also stock enamel radiator pain.




Hobby and Craft

Chalk and Hobby Paints

Shabby chic fans beware! Chalky finish paints for walls and furniture in many pastel shades.

Plus, toy safe paints and enamel in many shades for a quick touch up.


Decorating Supplies & Equipment


Including artist and specialised brushes, scrapers, wallpaper hanging tools, tapes, thinners and brush cleaners.


We also sell protecting sheets, tools and clothing, including latex gloves, paint caddies and disposable overshoes.  





Silicone, Sealants & Adhesives



From superglue to decorators caulk and fillers.  We cater for trade contractors and DIY beginners alike with a wide range of adhesives and sealants with suitability for different materials, exterior and interior uses.



Feel free to ask our friendly team if you need advice.



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