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Plumbing &
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Pipe Connectors, Traps & Wastes

We have a selection of popular sizes of PVC and copper plumbing fittings, including a choice of washing machines hoses and waste and we also stock garden taps.  


We also have a range of household and professional drain cleaners always in stock.

A small range of PVC and copper pipes always kept in store.  


Bathroom Accessories



All those little bits and pieces for the bathroom to give it a fresh new look. From shower heads bath mats and toilet seats, to soap holders, shower curtains and nail brushes. 





Floodlights, Torches & Bulbs

Including PIR lights and high lumens torches, outside and inside. We have a varied range of halogen, LED and energy saving bulbs in various fittings.

We also stock fluorescent light bulbs in many sizes and starters. 




Whether you are extending or re-wiring, all our cable is sold by the metre. Popular types include cable for table lamps, bells, speakers, lighting and network.


We also sell cable ties and extension leads.  



Everready light bulb
halogen bulb
Bulb shapes

Light Bulbs


Stocking Halogen, CFL's and LED's in many fittings and wattage.  We also stock fluorescent tubes in the most popular sizes, together with starters.


If you are unsure about what bulb to buy, read our blog on energy saving bulbs and wattage equivalents.  




Electrical accessories & batteries

We have a modest but popular range of electrical accessories ranging from single and double sockets, light switches and dimmers, fuses, travel adaptors, aerials and much, much more! come and have a browse or ask one of our helpers to guide you.

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