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The Garden


Contractor Tools

Garden & Contractor Tools


Whether you are cutting and pruning, raking or shaking, we have a large range of garden tools available for contractors and enthusiastic gardeners alike.  


We stock garden rakes and brooms, spades and forks, wheelbarrows, gloves and much more.  


Easy bag waste management supplies1 ton bags are kept in stock together with garden waste reusable and compostable bags.  Click here for more information on our


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British-made Garden Furniture



As soon as the good weather is in, our practical and stylish garden furniture is out!


Come in and see our range of British-made timber garden furniture sets, as well as parasols.


We also sell toolboxes and garden benches, together with protective covers for garden furniture and BBQ's.



Watering & Garden Hoses

We stock the leading brands in hoses and connectors, spray guns and bottles, together with a big selection of water butts and watering cans in various sizes.

We also have a selection of tubing and rope all sold by the metre.


Fencing Supplies



We stock an extensive range of fencing supplies, including fence posts, aris rails, feather edge planks and gravel boards, fence post caps together with fence support, such as ground spikes, bolt-down post holders.  Click here for our timber list.


For garden gates, see our construction materials page.


We also stock garden landscaping items, including bamboo and willow screening, trellis, wire fencing, border edging, matting and bark.


See our timber care section for fence paint.


We also carry an extensive range of exterior hardware including hasp & staple, barrel bolt, padlock bolt & gate latches. See our ironmongery section in the hardware page.  


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Composts, Additives & Mulch



It's time to grow again.  We stock a variety of multi-purpose and specialists composts for every suitability, including seeds, transplanting, potted plants, raised beds and borders.



We also sell formulated composts design for specific plants' needs, such as orchid, bonsai and ericaceous composts.  



In addition, we stock additives, such as perlite and mushroom composts and decorative barks.  Check our blogging page to learn all about choosing the right type of composts. 



Fertilisers & Weedkillers

Keep your plants in top condition with a wide range of plant and lawn feeds, organic compounds, slug pellets, weedkillers and many more. 

wild bird

Wild Bird Care

Attract all kinds of wild birds with a diet of seeds, suet balls and nuts. Make a statement with beautiful bird feeders, drinkers and houses.

Pest Control

Pest Control


Every season in the year brings its very own pest problems, being wasps in the summer, ants in the spring, moths in the autumn and rats and mice... well, pretty much all year round!  We have a multitude of methods to keep them at bay.

Timber Care

Timber Care and Shed Paint


We stock the leading brands in fence and timber care, in the form of paints, stains and preservers in many shades.



Click here to visit the Cuprinol Shades colour selector to find your perfect shade. 



Propagation equipment

Give young seeds and cuttings a head start with the right equipment.

You will find seed trays, window seal trays, bell cloches, grow tubes, mulch mats and many more lines.

Now scroll down to see our range of seeds.

Seeds & bulbs

Seeds & Bulbs

Fill your garden with stunning flowers and tasty vegetables all year round with our huge selection of seeds.

We also stock flower bulbs in season.

Seasonal plants

Seasonal Vegetables, Flowers & Shrubs



Time to grow your own!  Potato seeds, onions & garlic now in stock.  Also small fruit shrubs and roses.


Now stocking bedding plants: pansies, petunias and marigolds.  Also stocking young vegetable plants: tomatoes and courgettes.


Plant Support

Plant Support

Stocking plant pots and trays, hanging baskets, border edging, trellis, ties and much more.  Come and ask our friendly staff for advice.  


Winter & Summer Fuels

Keep warm in the winter and enjoy the summer sunshine with our range of winter and summer fuels.  Make those winter nights cosier with our range of kiln dried logs, flamers, kindling and smokeless coals.  


We also stock a selection of chimney and fireplace accessories.

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